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~ Original, custom written wedding ceremonies ~
~ Short term, solution-oriented counseling ~

 The Well-Tempered Wedding
    • Do you want a wedding written especially for you and done with care and attention?
    • You can have an original wedding that no-one has heard before.
    • Have your wedding done by a minister with a strong sense of ceremonial celebration.
    • Call The Reverend Pamela Anderegg at 315.729.7569 for your first appointment.
Specializing in Interfaith Weddings

Pam has been doing weddings in the Auburn area for more than twenty years.
    • She has excellent working relationships with couples, musicians, photographers, florists and families.
    • She will teach you how to deal with the occasional pitfalls of marriage so that most of your days will be filled with contentment.
    • She will also write a wedding, with your input, that is specific to each of you.
    • Pamela is retired from the preaching ministry and has time to spend with you on your wedding.
    • She has been a short term, solution-oriented counselor since 1979.
    • She understands family dynamics and will help you with your own challenges.
If you want a calm and beautiful wedding and if you are eager for the tools that help you with more perfect communication, call Pam Anderegg at: 315.729.7569 and make two appointments: One for a genogram and one for writing the wedding. She makes it fun and interesting.

Your Wedding Can be Perfect  ~  No one does it better

Why would you call a counselor?

You probably don’t want to ask for help. We’ve been told since early days that we can take care of ourselves, that we can figure it out, and now to use current jargon - the answer is inside us.

That’s all true. That’s why Pam Anderegg won’t offer to help you. She will however, give you a different perspective on whatever your current challenge is.

It could be between you and your sibling, brother or sister; or between you and a parent or child, or your significant other. If it’s bothering you, if you’re in some pain about it, Pam can provide a different perspective. That will give you a new insight. Seeing it differently will empower you to go back and behave in a way that will resolve the issue instead of feeling powerless and aggravating it.

Hours by appointment only